Welcome Aboard!

Hey guys, welcome! My name is Kieran (Kee-er-ran), and I will be your teacher (and guitar player) during this course. First of all, I’d like to say how glad I am that you have decided to take part. However, I must first warn, that, if you have come in search of boring writing and grammar exercises, then you have come to the wrong place…

In this course, our focus will be on songs, singing and music! We will be learning English along the way, but mainly, we will be learning new songs, or maybe, songs you might have heard before.

Why use music and song to learn English?

But hang on… “I’m here to learn English!” you say. Don’t worry! Research shows that learning songs in a different language can really help you to improve your language abilities.

But “how can this be, isn’t learning a language supposed to be difficult and boring – like in school”? Well actually, not at all. The best way to learn a new language is by engaging with fun material that you are actually interested in. Lucky for you, this course is packed with a variety of songs that everyone can enjoy!

Like music, languages have rhythms, tones, melodies, pitch, volume and pauses (don’t worry if you don’t understand all of these words just yet, we will become more familiar with them throughout the course!). So, learning through song is actually a very natural and useful way to develop a feel for a new language.

Finally, the English language is rich in musical variety, from classics like The Beatles (that even Mum and Dad might enjoy), to some of your favourites from animated Disney movies like Frozen and Toy Story.

There is no better way to explore the English-speaking world! 

How will we use music and songs to learn English?

Each lesson will be centred on learning a new song. We will begin by talking a little about the song. Next we will do some warm up exercises. Then, we will begin to add the lyrics to the melody. This will be done line-by-line, where I will provide definitions of new words and discuss the overall meaning of sentences.

Once we have learned the song, we will sing it from start to finish. A separate video will be provided that only includes this full version of the song, so that you can return over and over again to sing along!

After this there will be a quiz! The questions will be about the song (remember we will talk about the song at the start of each video), and also test whether you have learnt new words introduced in the song and understood what the song is saying.

I just know you can do amazing in these quizzes! But remember, most importantly, we’re here to have lots of fun, and sing new songs.

Ok, I’ll see you in the first lesson! 🙂