Quiz 1 Lesson 1


  1. Sorry, I can’t. I ________ my brother to work at that time. (*will be taking) (‘ll take) (won’t be take)
  2.  She will not be _____ the train today. (*take) (taken) (taking)
  3. Next winter, when her children are on holiday, he ______________ English grammar. (will learn) (was learning) (*will be learning) (will have learning)
  4. Migratory birds ______________ after a month.(*will be returning) (will be return) (will returning) (will have returning)
  5. At four o’clock tomorrow, it _________ (rain). *will be raining
  6. At 2 o’clock tomorrow, she _______ (wait) for the bus. *will be waiting

At one o’clock tomorrow, he _______ (exercise) at the gym. *will be exercising

If you need to contact me, ________ (I/ stay) in Multan until Wednesday.

 I ________ during that hour. (*will be driving) (will have drive) (will be drive) 

(will be drove)

  1.  She is not _________________ missing the Prayers anymore.

(will be) (*going to) (going to be) 

  1.  They _______ (move) to Botswana soon.*will be moving
  2.  I ___________ (go) to the party tonight.*will be going
  3.   They ___________ (run) at the station tomorrow.*will be running
  4.  At four o’clock today he ________ (work) in his office.*will be working
  5.  I _______ (write) my exam this time last year.*will be writing