Quiz 2 Lesson 2


1- I _________ sent the parcel by Friday. (*will have)

2- They will not _________ left the place.(*have) 

3- When will I have ________ (finish) writing this novel?

4- April will have _______ (go) to the shop before he comes here.

5- I ________ sent the gift by Monday. ( will have)

6- How long will he __________ lived here by the end of this year? (has) (*have)(had)

7- Tomorrow I ________ left for London. (*shall have) ( will have)

 8-   My cat will have _______ all the food by the time I go back home.(*eaten) (ate) (eat)

9- How much of your work will you ________ by Monday. (have completing) (be completing) (*have completed) (completed) 

 10- Irm ________ by then.

A: will be leave

 B:(*) will have left

 C: will leaving

  •  Won’t they —— arrived by 5:00? (has) (*have) (had)

 Change sentence into FUTURE PERFECT 

  •  I will go*I will have gone.
  •  You will hear from them.*You will have heard from them.