This is used for: 

  • About actions which will be in progress at a time in future.
  • In the future actions which are already planned or are expected to happen in the normal course of things.
  •  Sometimes shall is used instead of will, especially for I and we.
    1. We shall be fighting until the end. 
  •  In the Future Continuous tense, we insert “not” between will and be for negative sentences, or we contract. 
    1. They won’t be helping us. 
    2. They will not be helping us. 
  • The exchange of subject and will happens for the question sentences.

Contraction with Future Continuous

 In negative sentences, we can also use won’t as in the order (we will not (we won’t), he will not (he won’t) )


  1. This time tomorrow I will be sitting on the beach in Singapore.
  2.  He will be meeting us next week.
  3. He won’t be reading at the funeral