Reviewing the 4 Difficult Questions

Model answers for the four questions:

Why should I hire you?

This is your elevator question – your quick summary of why you. 🔥 Don’t use it to give a summary of your jobs.

Maybe they will say:

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Can you walk me through your CV?
  • Tell me something unique about you?

Model Answer:

(P)I’ve been working in content creation for various years now which has given me a great eye for fantastic content and knowing what makes readers tic. (E) I started back in 2005 and since then I have produced work for over 15 companies that have come back again and again for my knowledge. For one brand I was able to gain them 5000 new readers in a week with great quality content. (P) So, yeah, I would say that my experience means I know what works.

What is your greatest weakness?

Many people don’t like this question. It’s not an invitation to see your problems, but also to see if you have prepared. Many organisations don’t use this question now, many still do.

Perhaps they will rephrase it and say:

What would your boss say you need to improve?

Techniques to keep in mind: You can use a variety of techniques to answer the question:

  • Non-vital weakness
  • Your weakness is really a strength (non-weakness)
  • Show how you are improving/have improved on a weakness.

Model Answer (using improvement technique):

That’s a tough question, one of the toughest actually. Well, I would say that I have had problems with organising myself at times, you know, missing dates and deadlines but that’s not the case anymore! I took an online course about productivity and I learnt lots of techniques to help with time and priority management. Now I always put things in my diary, block my time and create to-do lists. It’s been a lifesaver.

Please also consider preparing a variety of responses. I would suggest the weakness which is a strength.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

This is a great question to test your commitment and most employers will want to know what you will be doing in the future. 👔

They might say:

  • do you have any plans to switch roles?
  • I noticed in your work history you don’t often stay in one job for very long.
  • What are your long term goals.

Model Answer:

(P – Show commitment and interest) I am really excited about this position, as I said, I really want to get started with the team and become a part of it. (E) We spoke about using excel and I know it sounds silly, but I really want to improve my skills using that program, I know how important it is. (Speak about the possibility of growing in the company) Of course, I am sure there are going to be new opportunities in the company and maybe after a few years you will give me the opportunity to try something new! (P) I hope to be part of the team.

What is your desired salary?

This is a great opportunity to speak about money. 🤑 It’s important to know why you are in the job interview. Do you need the job, or are you fishing. If you are fishing, give a high range. If you need the job, give a reasonable range.

  • Check out salary expectation websites (I have some info in the materials section at the top).
  • Study it in LinkedIn
  • Ask People

It’s important to say: I can’t tell you how much to ask for, only give suggestions. Often this needs to be done on a case by case basis. Keep in mind:

  • Other possible benefits, dental, vacations etcetera.
  • Do you have the job offer, maybe you should wait until they offer you a job, this gives you some power.
  • You can talk about what you have earnt previously.
  • You can ask to be paid the same as everyone else in the same position.

Model Answers will:

Use a range technique: If you want to earn 25, 000 as a secretary to the boss here in Spain, you should ask for something like 24000-28000. Try offering a range from the lowest you would ask for, to something a bit higher.

Tend to be general.

Be given at the right time, after knowing benefits, work hours and other responsibilities.

I hope I have helped you answer these difficult questions. You can also practice your answers using the workbook.