To push back

This phrasal verb means, “To delay something / To move something into the future“.

  • The event was delayed due to lockdown.
  • The event was pushed back due to lockdown.

Also, It’s separable:

  • He needs to push back the celebration.
  • He needs to push the celebration back.

Another meaning of TO PUSH BACK is: “To move or force someone or something back”. 

  • There wasn’t enough room, so we pushed back the furniture.

It is also separable:

  • I quickly pushed her back from the edge. She almost fell over.
  • I quickly pushed back her from the edge. She almost fell over.

Another example:

  • Leo pushed Jane back from the edge.
  • Leo pushed back Jane from the edge.

Let’s look at some more examples:

  • The firm wanted to push back the deadline but was refused.
  • We are going to push back your interview until further notice.
  • The company pushed back the deliveries due to bad weather.

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