Top tips for the article task

Okay, here are my tips for doing the article task of the exam. 

  • As always: read the question and underline the task needs.
  • Plan your response, think about what you will talk about. 
  • Keep it informal and engaging (interesting, up-beat, exciting). 
    • Using phrases like ” …, right?”, “It seems like…”
  • Add a short title to draw the reader’s attention. You can use the one in the question task or invent one of your own. Make sure it is relevant. Try to make it fun. 
  • Introduce the topic. All articles introduce the topic!
  • Although you don’t know the readers personally, you can address them directly and ask them a question: it helps to involve them.
    • Did you know that…? Well you had better believe it.
    • I bet you didn’t know that…
  • Divide your article into sections according to the input. One or two paragraphs will do. This will make your life easier.