To get ahead of

If you don’t study, you will find it difficult to get ahead of the competition.

We have to get ahead of the competition. 

This phrasal verb means, “to achieve success, often in your work or in society:”

But it can also mean, “to get in front of” or “adelantarse”.

John wanted to get ahead in life, so he became a doctor. 

  • Quiero tener éxito en la vida.
  • I want to achieve success in life. 
  • I want to get ahead in life.

Also, it’s inseparable (you can’t separate it):

  • If we don’t get ahead of them, we will not get the prize. 
  • If we don’t get them ahead…

Let’s look at some more examples:

  • Sarah will get ahead of us easily, she is the best designer 
  • The business got ahead of its rivals using honesty and low prices
  • This year we got ahead of the competition thanks to our aggressive sales campaign

Let’s get ahead and look into the next phrasal verb… 🚴