How to Get a High Band Score for Academic Writing Task Two

👍General Writing Task 2 – Tips and Tricks

IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 is wholly based on your evaluation, response and taking a stand for your argument. It is entirely different from Task 1 which looks for interpretation skills. But, in IELTS writing task 2 you have to take a stand on any one side among the two sides of the argument.

Task 2 in IELTS Academic Writing contributes two thirds of the score… and the interesting part here is, you should answer an abstract question from your point of view. Now, the time allotted for the IELTS Academic Task 2 is 40 minutes and you have to answer with a minimum word limit of 250.

IELTS Writing Task 2 considers 4 parameters to measure your performance among which every task has its own importance. Your response should be relevant with perfect examples. Let’s go through some most reliable tips and strategies to ace the IELTS Writing Task 2.

👉In Academic Writing, you are expected to write the essay in a formal or semi-formal style. Remember, you should not use informal language such as slang oriented words.

You’ve got to plan before you do anything. In the IELTS Academic Writing Task 2, you have to respond to a point of view, argument or a problem from your perspective. But, the time is limited to think, plan and act. Hence, you should take the side of the argument which you can react to quickly.

In fact, Task 2 questions are potential debate topics and never carry a correct and stable answer. All it does is to assess your task response. Here, you should present strong and complete reasons to support your argument with perfect logic. That’s all!

The structure of the Academic Writing Task 2 contains an introduction and 2 body paragraphs that lead to your evaluated opinion.

Identifying and analyzing the problem:

Your first act in IELTS Academic Writing is to identify and analyze the given issue. Next to that, you should plan the way you need to present your response. While planning, you should think about the side you have to take. Also, think about all the possible and reasonable ways to support your opinion. Perfect problem analysis can provide you with an instinctive idea to proceed into the argument.

Organizing the Response:

Organizing your response influences the information you convey. In simple terms, the opinion you express and the supporting examples you give has to be organized with continuity. While writing your response, make sure that the flow of your ideas does not break.

In addition, your argument should be relevant to the issue and remember to address the topic in every paragraph.

Supporting Examples:

In general, supporting examples maybe your personal experiences regarding the subject of interest. You can lay down examples that you have gone through, your known ones or from any information source.

Because supporting examples generate an imaginative picture of your argument in the mind of the reader. It provides a helping lead so that the reader can understand your point of view more clearly.

Importance of Linking Words:

Linking words play a great role in any writing practice. Linking words come up with a lead or anticipation that makes you penetrate into the rest of the essay you have written.

Usually, linking/transition words connect 2 parts of the text to allow easy flow to the reader. An obvious reason for the usage of linking words is to unite the text as one with the given idea. So, use transition words wherever necessary to make your essay effectively informative.

How to Express your Opinion:

This is what you do but from your perspective. Look, the topics given in the writing module task 2 are debatable and this act is intentional by the IELTS test makers. Therefore, choose the side which you can easily respond to.

Then, you have to express your opinion but not with assertive statements. You have to provide some examples as discussed above. Besides, do not forget that your argument should be logical and completely relevant to the subject.

Aim for a 8+ Band Score:

Always aim for the best (the 8+ band score). Do you remember a proverb, “Aim the star and you will land on the Moon”? If you aim for the best score, definitely you will come up with an impressive result.

Planning and practising accordingly with a high target improves positive attitude and makes you self-confident.

The final tip is to Practice:

Practice is the only thing that makes you what you want. Summarizing the above tips, always start your essay with a general statement addressing the issue. But, do not go on with a series of general statements. Always direct your argument towards the subject of interest.

Ask some questions in the essay that can guide the reader in the way which you are taking him/her. Such things will make your expression clear and allow you to succeed with the best band score.