The secret to improving your telephone skills

Tips To Use During A Business Telephone Conversation

Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes

If it is your first time speaking English o the phone, then you might make a few mistakes, and that is fine! Learning a new language is hard, and it is normal to struggle with it.

When you are making mistakes, you are trying to improve, and this is something that you can remind yourself of 😎.

Learn From The Mistakes 💡 That You Make

If you make mistakes, then make sure that you learn from them. Write down the words that you misused during the conversation or that you were unsure of and study them carefully.

Sometimes it will help to record the conversations so that you can listen to them again later.

Add New Phrase To You Conversation

Attempt to add newly learned phrases and words into your daily conversations. By adding newly learned phrases and words into your conversation, you will practice the words’ pronunciation, and it will slowly become part of your vocabulary.

Try To Role-Play With A Friend

When talking to a friend in a new language, you will feel more comfortable using new words; you will practice pronunciation and slowly build your confidence in the language. 😀

Right! Let’s get started. Now we shall look at key vocabulary used during business telephone conversations…