To Be – NEGATIVE (short and long forms)

Coronavirus is not over. Most people are not at work

They are not at the office: Using TO BE in the Negative

We need: the pronoun (I, you, he) + to be -.

Necesitamos solo “el pronombre” (Yo, tú, él – I, you, he) y la forma de “ser o estar” (to be-). Recuerda, en inglés siempre vamos a poner el pronombre.

  • I am not
  • You are not
  • he is not/she is not/it is not
  • we are not
  • you are not
  • they are not

We always put the pronoun:

No: isn’t isolated

Yes: He isn’t isolated

So, for example:

  • We are not abroad
  • She is not at school

But, we don’t repeat the pronoun:

No: The building it is not big

Yes: The building is not big

Make it Small – Short Form

You can also conjugate the verb, make it smaller.

  • I’m not
  • You aren’t
  • He isn’t / she isn’t / it isn’t
  • We aren’t
  • You aren’t