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About this Course:

Welcome to our conversation and listening course for advanced levels: C1. In this course you will learn over 70 new words, practice your listening and improve your speaking. Pretty good, right?

Main features of this course:

  • Over one hour of conversations with authentic Brits
  • Subtitles for every conversation so you don’t miss anything
  • Vocab building activities to expand your repertoire
  • Comprehension activities to check your understanding

We have created this course so that you can improve your listening skills and build your vocabulary. You are going to learn about really interesting topics too, which will help with your conversational skills and with your overall level.

9 hours






Casey Goddard

You will learn:


Improve your speaking

This course has great conversational topics AND with our vocabulary you will be able to express yourself better.


Build your vocabulary

With our vocabulary building activities you will learn over 70 new words and expressions in this course. That’s one word for every minute you listen!


Improve your listening

With over 70 minutes of listening, this course will sharpen your ears ready for any conversation.


Familiarise yourself with authentic accents

You will get better used to the authentic British accent.

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This course is fantastic! The instructor is a professional and clearly knows how to train and work with students. It has been a great pleasure taking this course!

Juan P.

Communication manager

Casey and Josh are great teachers and with this course I have learnt so much new vocabulary. Thanks again for creating the course! 

María M.


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