Thanks for joining me!

profesor de inglés Casey

Practice the B2 first Exam from Cambridge:

Welcome to my course, I hope you have fun and you practice and that, essentially, this course helps you improve.

I really recommend taking classes either with me or a teacher from In English Please, we have lots of past papers and knowledge that will help you get the score you need.

I have more courses on that will help you. Check them out.

Here you have a writing course available: Perfect your writing for the B2 First.

Contents of course:

This course was design to help you the best way I know how. It has two main things.

  • Advice from an experienced professional
  • An opportunity to practice

Please take a look at both sections. Section one is full of useful advice for you and extra materials.
Section two is a sample UOE exam.

Right, let us waste no more time, good luck on my course and let me know how it goes. 🔥