Complex Prepositions – Time and Place

The following are some common Complex Prepositions of Time and Place

Here we are going to learn some complex prepositions. If you’re not sure about what something means, try using an online dictionary, like Wordreference.

Ahead of

Example of use:

Usain is going to win this race. He’s ahead of the other runners.

If you want to come to the party, let me know ahead of time. (here, ‘ahead of time’ means ‘in advance’)

Away from

Example of use:

The cat ran away from the dangerous dog.

I will be away from the office this week.

Close to

Example of use:

I don’t need to commute to work everyday. The office is very close to my house.

In between

Example of use:

The Irish Sea is in between Ireland and Britain.

I am in between jobs right now.

In front of

Example of use:

The dog ran in front of the car and was nearly killed!

Don’t stand in front of the television!

Near to

Example of use:

There is a gym near to my office, which is really convenient. It’s just 5 minutes’ walk.

Next to

Example of use:

Who’s that man standing next to your car?

On top of

Example of use:

I dream of standing on top of Mount Everest.

Out of

Example of use:

He took a cigarette out of the pack and smoked it.

We went out of the building and saw my mother.

Outside of

Example of use:

There’s a large forest outside of my town.

Prior to (formal way of saying ‘before’)

Example of use:

I’d never spoken to an Italian prior to meeting him.

Prior to arriving in Spain, I didn’t speak any Spanish.

Up to

Example of use:

The present perfect tense describes a situation that started in the past and continues up to now.

Up to now, I haven’t been able to travel to China.