Lectura corta en ingles C1 – Phrasal Verbs Avanzados ┬┐Puedes?­čś▒

Written by Irene Quesada

Lectura corta en ingles C1 – phrasal verbs

Hoy tenemos una lectura corta en ingl├ęs sobre una aventura ├ępica para aquellos que tengan un nivel C1 que adem├ís incluye muchos phrasal verbs correspondientes a este nivel. Incluimos ejercicios para que practiques y aprendas nuevos phrasal verbs avanzados. ┬íNo te lo pierdas!

Echa un vistazo a este post que preparamos con los 10 phrasal verbs que hay que conocer en cada nivel de ingl├ęs, te vendr├í de perlas.

Aiden’s Quest: The Cosmic Battle

Within the enigmatic fabric of time and space, a tale as old as the universe itself unfolds. In a realm forgotten by most mortals, where magic pulsates through every atom, an ancient prophecy resurfaces, foretelling the rise of a hero.

Long ago, the prophecy had been revealed: a chosen champion would emerge to confront the encroaching darkness threatening to consume the known worlds. The kingdom, teetering on the brink of desolation, faced the sinister Anunaki, dark beings determined to eclipse light and sow chaos across existence.

The cosmic battle between light and darkness had ignited. The realm’s mages, led by the sage Kael, endeavored to fade out the advancing darkness by harnessing their powers. Yet, their efforts faltered against the relentless march of the shadows.

From obscurity emerged Aiden, a youth endowed with ancestral powers, destined to challenge the impending doom. He embarked on a quest, bearing the weight of the prophecy, to assemble allies for a daring mission. Determined, he sought out warriors ready to face the dark tide threatening chaos.

Focused and resolute, Aiden honed in on his objective, seeking those fated to join his cause. Across uncharted worlds, he wrestled to latch onto allies in the most unlikely of places. With every challenge, he learned to whittle down his team, dispelling mistrust.

Aiden’s leadership skills emerged as he hammered out differences, urging his team to buckle down and unite in purpose.

In the crucial phase of their journey, Aiden and his companions phased out options to chart their course. Embracing individual strengths, they learned to channel them towards a shared goal.

At the threshold of the final confrontation, Aiden labored to grind out every strategic detail, refining tactics for imminent battle.

The destiny of the universe hinged upon this climactic moment ÔÇô a showdown where light and darkness collide. Will the legendary hero’s valor tip the scales toward peace, or will darkness shroud existence for eternity? Only time holds the answer.

Ejercicios con los phrasal verbs de la lectura corta en ingl├ęs

En esta historia aparecen los siguientes phrasal verbs (y alguno más que hemos añadido a la lista):

Fade out – Desvanecerse
Hone in on – Enfocarse en
Latch onto – Aferrarse a
Whittle down – Reducir gradualmente
Buckle down – Ponerse serio
Phase out – Eliminar gradualmente
Hammer out – Resolver (algo) a martillazos / Negociar intensamente
Channel into – Dirigir hacia
Reel in – Atraer / Recoger
Grind out – Producir con esfuerzo continuo

Ejercicio 1: Choose the correct phrasal verb from the list to complete the sentences:

She wanted to ___ all unnecessary expenses from her monthly budget.
The company plans to ___ the old technology and introduce new innovations.
The detective was trying to ___ the suspect’s location.
He needs to ___ and focus on his studies if he wants to improve his grades.
It took them several hours to ___ a compromise during the meeting.

Ejercicio 2: Match the Phrasal Verbs

Match the phrasal verbs with their appropriate definitions:

___ Fade out
___ Hone in on
___ Latch onto
___ Whittle down
___ Buckle down
A. To sharpen or focus on something.
B. To reduce the number of options or choices.
C. To gradually disappear or become less visible.
D. To grasp or seize firmly.
E. To start working seriously and with determination.


Ejercicio 1

whittle down
phase out
hone in on
buckle down
hammer out

Ejercicio 2

C – Fade out
A – Hone in on
D – Latch onto
B – Whittle down
E – Buckle down

Esperamos que hayas disfrutado de esta lectura corta en ingl├ęs con ejercicios.┬áTienes muchas m├ís en nuestro blog adem├ís de nuestras recomendaciones de libros en ingl├ęs. Si quieres perfeccionar tu nivel con clases de ingl├ęs, cont├íctanos y cu├ęntanos qu├ę buscas, te encontraremos el profesor particular ideal para ti.

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curso de ingl├ęs para practicar el reading del B2 first de Cambridge FCE

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