Lectura corta en inglés – Repasa los phrasal verbs

Texto en inglés: aprende phrasal verbs

Aprende phrasal verbs con esta lectura en inglés para nivel intermedio. Si los phrasal verbs no te caen bien, estamos aquí para ayudarte. Una forma de aprenderlos es mediante listas (como esta lista de los phrasal verbs más utilizados) pero también puedes aprenderlos en una lectura corta en inglés, como hacemos hoy. Leerlos en un contexto te ayudará a que se te queden en la memoria mucho mejor.

Antes de pasar a la lectura, vamos a echar un vistazo a los phrasal verbs que vas a ver en ella, para que te suenen desde ya:

1. Look after – Cuidar de alguien o algo. To be responsible for the protection, well-being, and attention of someone or something.

Example: I’ll look after your plants while you’re on vacation.

2. Get along – Llevarse bien con alguien. To have a good relationship with someone.

Example: My dog and my cat get along surprisingly well.

3. Bring up – Sacar un tema de conversación. To mention or introduce a topic of conversation.

Example: Can you bring up the issue of noise in our neighborhood at the next community meeting?

4. Put off – Posponer. To postpone or delay something to a later time.

Example: Let’s put off our training session until the weekend; I’m busy today.

5. Turn up – Aparecer de manera inesperada. To appear or arrive, often unexpectedly.

Example: He turned up at the party unexpectedly, and we were thrilled to see him.

6. Set up – Organizar, preparar. To establish or arrange something.

Example: We can set up a picnic in the park with a blanket and some snacks.

7. Give up – Dejar de hacer algo. To cease doing or attempting something; to surrender or abandon a task or goal.

Example: She gave up eating sweets to improve her health.

Ahora vamos con la lectura. Encontrarás los phrasal verbs de la lista marcados en negrita. 

Lectura corta en inglés para nivel intermedio

Melodies of Friendship

Emma and Jake were best friends who had been inseparable since their teenage years. They both lived in the busy city of Brightville, where life was always full of surprises.

One sunny day, Emma called Jake with an important request. “Hey, Jake, my parents just told me they’re going out of town this weekend. Can you look after my little sister, Lily? She and you get along really well, and I don’t want to leave her alone,” Emma explained.

“Sure thing, Emma! I’d love to hang out with Lily. We’ll have a great time together,” Jake eagerly responded.

Emma felt relieved, knowing that Lily would be in good hands. She thanked Jake and told him that Lily would be excited to spend time with him.

Later that day, as they met up at a local park, Emma brought up an interesting topic. “Guess what, Jake? I’ve decided to set up a band with some friends from school. We’re planning to perform at the upcoming talent show,” she shared with excitement.

Jake smiled and said, “That’s awesome, Emma! I have a guitar at home. Maybe I can bring it over, and we can play some music together. I’ve been working on some original songs.”

Emma’s face lit up. “That sounds great, Jake! Let’s plan a practice session this weekend. We need to decide what songs to play and make sure we sound really good,” she replied.

Over the next few weeks, they spent a lot of time rehearsing, fine-tuning their sound, and searching for chances to perform. However, as the talent show date was closer, they realized they had put off choosing a band name.

“We can’t go on stage without a band name,” Emma said, worried.

Jake reassured her, “Don’t worry, Emma. We’ll find a cool band name. Let’s brainstorm some ideas tonight.”

Over the next few weeks, they spent a lot of time rehearsing, fine-tuning their sound, and searching for chances to perform. Their hard work paid off when they were chosen to turn up at a local music festival.

As the day of the festival approached, Emma and Jake felt a mix of nervousness and excitement. They knew they couldn’t give up now. They encouraged each other to continue and give their best performance.

Finally, the day arrived, and they took the stage, energizing the crowd with their music. Their friends cheered them on, and the audience responded with loud applause. Emma and Jake felt very excited and had so much fun in that moment.

After their performance, they decided to go to their favorite café to celebrate. As they sat there, reflecting on their journey, Emma said, “Jake, I couldn’t have done this without you. You’ve always supported me and pushed me to be my best.”

Jake smiled warmly and replied, “And you’ve been my biggest inspiration, Emma. Together, we’ve created something amazing. Let’s keep seeking new adventures and making beautiful music.”

With their friendship stronger than ever, Emma and Jake continued their teenage adventures, chasing dreams, and embracing the lively spirit of Brightville. They knew that as long as they had each other, anything was possible.

Preguntas de comprensión sobre el texto

 Ahoora puedes practicar tu writing respondiendo a estas preguntas. ¿Necesitas más soltura al escribir? Incorpora más lecturas cortas en inglés y verás la diferencia, o echa un vistazo a nuestros cursos de inglés para que hagas a tu ritmo. 

  1. What did Emma ask Jake to do?
  2. What exciting plan did Emma bring up to Jake?
  3. What did Emma and Jake do to prepare for their performance?
  4. What event did Emma and Jake get chosen to play at?
  5. How did Emma and Jake feel before their performance?
  6. What did Emma and Jake decide to do after their performance?
  7. How did Emma and Jake feel about their friendship?

 Si quieres complementar el aprender desde casa con unas clases con un profe particular, déjanos un mensaje y te encontraremos al profe ideal. 

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