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Me encanta leer en inglés, porque aparte de que me gusta mucho, sé que me voy a quedar mucho más fácilmente con el vocabulario nuevo. Si no tienes tiempo para estudiar inglés, y mucho menos para leer libros en inglés, prueba leyendo nuestras lecturas cortas en inglés. La historia a continuación va sobre un pequeño grupo de amigos que intenta hacer un corto con un presupuesto bajo. Con este texto en inglés aprenderás vocabulario y expresiones en inglés sobre rodajes, empresa y aptitudes personales.

Aquí te apunto el vocabulario en inglés destacado:

Thought-provoking: Something that stimulates or challenges one’s thoughts and ideas, often encouraging deep contemplation or discussion.
Example: The documentary on climate change was thought-provoking, leading to many important conversations about environmental issues.

Seize the opportunity: To take full advantage of a favorable situation when it presents itself.
Example: She decided to seize the opportunity to study abroad when she was offered a scholarship.

Hurdle: An obstacle or difficulty that must be overcome to achieve a goal.
Example: Despite facing many hurdles, he persevered and finally succeeded in starting his own business.

Breaking the bank: Spending an excessive amount of money, often to the point of financial strain or bankruptcy.
Example: Going on an extravagant vacation to Europe would be fun, but it might break the bank for us this year.

Shoestring budget: A very limited or minimal budget, often with little room for extra expenses.
Example: They managed to renovate their kitchen on a shoestring budget by doing most of the work themselves.

Poured their hearts: To put in a great deal of effort, passion, and dedication into something.
Example: The students poured their hearts into organizing the charity event, and it was a tremendous success.

In awe: To be filled with a sense of wonder, admiration, or reverence.
Example: As they stood beneath the towering waterfall, they were in awe of its majestic beauty.

Boundless creativity: Unlimited or endless creative potential and imagination.
Example: The artist’s boundless creativity was evident in the diverse range of artworks displayed in the gallery.

Lectura corta en inglés

Cinematic Dreams

In the heart of a bustling city, a group of friends had a vision – to create thought-provoking short films that would leave a lasting impact on the world. They came together to form “Creative Minds Productions,” a startup with big dreams. When news of a prestigious film competition with a tight deadline reached their ears, they knew they had to seize the opportunity.

Choosing the right theme was their first hurdle. After numerous brainstorming sessions, they settled on “Rediscovering Home,” a concept that resonated with the team and their limited budget. They needed a story that could be shot in local settings without breaking the bank.

Their short film, titled “Homeward Bound,” followed the journey of a disillusioned young artist returning to her childhood home. Through a series of flashbacks and poignant moments, she rediscovered the beauty in the ordinary and found renewed inspiration. The film was a visual and emotional masterpiece, capturing the essence of nostalgia and the magic of homecoming.

The team’s creativity blossomed as they scouted locations, designed sets, and borrowed props from friends and family. They embraced the challenge of working with a shoestring budget, learning to maximize their resources. Late-night script revisions, DIY lighting solutions, and last-minute cast adjustments became their routine.

During the intense weeks of filming, bonds between team members grew stronger. They discovered hidden talents and complemented each other’s strengths, turning every obstacle into an opportunity. The long hours on set brought camaraderie and a shared determination to succeed.

As the competition deadline approached, they poured their hearts into post-production. Sleepless nights editing, fine-tuning sound, and perfecting every frame became their norm. The day before the submission deadline, they watched their creation in awe – a testament to their unwavering dedication.

Finally, the day of the competition arrived. With nervous excitement, they entered the theater. As their film played on the big screen, they realized they had achieved something extraordinary. The audience was moved by the powerful story and brilliant execution.

When the winners were announced, “Creative Minds Productions” took home the first prize. Their startup had made a remarkable mark in the film industry, and they knew this was just the beginning of their journey. With their limited budget and boundless creativity, they had proven that dreams could become reality.

Preguntas de comprensión sobre el texto

  1. What challenges did the team face during the filmmaking process?
  2. What was the title of their short film, and what was its storyline?
  3. How did the team members bond during the filmmaking process?
  4. What did the team feel as they watched their film on the big screen during the competition?
  5. What did the team’s success in the competition signify for their startup?

Responder a estar preguntas sobre el texto en inglés te ayudará a mejorar tu Writing. Si necesitas ayuda extra, no te pierdas este post con consejos y frases clave para el Writing B2. Como ves, no se necesita mucho para aprender y mejorar tu inglés desde casa. Sigue leyendo nuestro blog y si realmente vas a por todas, contáctanos para que te encontremos al mejor profesor particular de inglés.


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