They play happily at school

How to use an adverb to describe?

I’m going to teach you an easy way to describe words with adverbs. It’s very easy! This is how:

  • Add -ly to an adjective:

Loud- loudly: He speaks very loudly – Él habla muy alto

Quick- quickly: I walk quickly – Camino rápido

  • If it ends in Y, replace it by i and add -ly:

Easy-Easily: She fixed her laptop easily – Arregló su portátil fácilmente

Happy – happily: They play happily at school – Juegan felizmente en el colegio

  • If it ends in ic, just add -ally:

Ironic – ironically: He laughed ironically – Se rio irónicamente

Specific – specifically: These shoes are specifically designed for the rain


Some adjectives can’t take the – ly ending. For example:

Hard – hard: She studies hard. Ella estudia mucho

Good – well: He sings well. Él canta bien
Late – late: We arrived late. Llegamos tarde
Fast – fast: He works fast. Él trabaja rápido

🔎 If you want to know more adverbs have a look at this list

Easy, right? Move on to the next lesson to practice 👉