Intensifiers: so and such

She has so much energy

How to use so and such

English is so beautiful! Let’s learn how to add intensity to sentences using intensifiers! Intensifiers are words or phrases that we use to add emphasis, or to raise the level of an adjective or adverb. They can indicate that something is particularly good or bad, big or small, etc.

In this lesson we are going to focus on: so, such, too, enough. You can also check a previous lesson on intensifiers here about very, really and extremely.

Here’s a brief explanation of each one:


“So” as an intensifier can be used:

  • To add emphasis to an adjective or adverb. “I’m so tired” -Estoy tan cansado
  • To indicate a degree or amount: “It’s so cold” – Hace tanto frío

For example:

This test is so difficult. Este examen es tan difícil.
It’s so important for us to take care of our planet. Es tan importante para nosotros cuidar de nuestro planeta
I was so surprised when I heard the news. Estaba tan sorprendido cuando escuché las noticias
The band played so well last night. El grupo tocó tan bien anoche

Here we are modifying adverbs or adjectives: difficult, important, surprised, well.

So is also used in combination with few/many/little/much.

I have so many things to do. Tengo tantas cosas que hacer
We have so few clothes. Tenemos tan poca ropa
She has so much energy. Tiene tanta energía
They have so little money. Tienen tan poco dinero


“Such” as an intensifier can be used:

  • To indicate a specific degree or level of something before an adjective or noun to indicate a specific degree or level of that thing, for example “That is such a nice car” -Ese es un coche tan bonito
  • To indicate emphasis : “It is such a great honor to receive this award” -Es un honor tan grande recibir este premio.

For example:

It’s such a small world – Es un mundo tan pequeño
That’s such a big mistake – Eso es un error tan grande
She’s such a talented singer – Es una cantante con mucho talento
It’s such a pleasure to work with you – Es un gran placer trabajar contigo

In this case we are modifying nouns: world, mistake, singer, pleasure.

More intensifiers in the next lesson! 👉