Future Continuous

I will be waiting for you at the airport at 6:00 PM

How to use the future continuous

Here’s a new tense for you, the future continuous! The future continuous tense is often used to describe an action that will be in progress at a specific time in the future, or to express that something will be happening in the future, like your appointments or plans. 📅

It is formed using the auxiliary verb “will” + the present participle (-ing form) of the main verb.

Here are a few examples of the future continuous tense:

She will be studying for her exams all week. Estudiará para los exámenes toda la semana.
They will be having a party at their house next Saturday. El próximo sábado darán una fiesta en su casa.
I will be waiting for you at the airport at 6:00 PM. Te espero en el aeropuerto a las 18.00.
Tomorrow at this time, I will be sitting on the beach, enjoying the sun and waves. Mañana a esta hora, estaré sentado en la playa, disfrutando del sol y de las olas.
They will be having a meeting at 2pm this afternoon. Tendrán una reunión a las 2 de la tarde.
He will be travelling to Europe next month. Viajará a Europa el mes que viene.

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