3.3 Diálogo


Para que lo que hemos visto empiece a tomar forma, lee este diálogo de ejemplo:

Hello, good afternoon, how can I help you?

Hello, we have a reservation at 2.

Sure, could you tell me your name, please?

I’m Jenna.

Perfect, Jenna, come with me.

(Jenna y su familia se sientan)

What would you like to drink?

We would like a bottle of sparkling water, 2 glasses of wine and a coke.

What would you like to eat?

Mmm, we are not sure. Are the starters big?

They are medium size. I recommed a starter to share and a main dish each.

I like that. We’ll have the salad, the risotto, the steak and the fish.

(Volvemos con la comida)

Here’s your food. Enjoy! Let me know if you need anything

Thank you!