Let’s learn the second “used to” + examples

Why do we use “to be used to + ing”?

We use “to be used to doing something” for things we are accustomed to doing. Things we are familiar with or that we do often. It’s really useful for talking about current habits or for new actions and activities. 😉

What is the structure? 

The structure is very specific. Please focus on the “to be” and “-ing” this is very important. 

To be + used to + verb+ing 

It is very similar to “I used to do something” but the “to be” and “ing” changes everything. 

Identifying these differences is key for better comprehension in listening exams.

You can use it in the present: 

I am used to writing courses.

He is used to reading at night. 

In the Simple Past: 

I was used to working hard at school. 

They were used to the long walk home from town. 

(here it is extremely similar to “I used to work hard” but it’s not the same). Here the focus is on the familiarity of the past action. I was used to waking up early… 

In the future:

For the future, to be honest, I would recommend using “get used to”. Please check out the next section when you are ready. LINK

Other tenses? 

To be safe, I would only use “to be used to doing” in the present form.  

In Spanish it’s like cheating: 

In my classes I am always recommending translation, it’s a very clear way to present new ideas. “To be used to doing” is easy in spanish. 

I am used to reading

Estoy acostumbrado a leer

He is used to cooking pasta

Él está acostumbrado a cocinar pasta.

Well, now you are ready to test your knowledge. Share this course with a friend if you think they will learn with us! 🥑