Let’s learn the third “used to” + examples

Why do we use “to be+getting used to+ing” 

This construction is great for talking about the process of becoming familiar/accustomed to something. It’s great for talking about those activities that we have just started and we are not used to doing, they are new and we are in the process of learning/becoming familiar. 💪

For example:

I decide to learn Karate. I go to a Karate school and take a lesson. 

I am not used to going to Karate class.

After a couple weeks, I am still not used to going to karate class. 

But, I am getting used to going to karate class. 

It is a process and I have just begun! 

So, what is the structure?

In the first part of this lesson I said “to be+getting+used to+verb+ing”. This is a very, very common construction. 

 “to be+getting+used to+verb+ing”

I am + getting + used to + cooking Chinese food. I have only just started to learn about it. 

But we can also use:

To get + used to + verb + ing 

For example:

Kids get used to studying at school very quickly. 

He got used to hearing the noise of the tractor because he worked on the farm for weeks. 

What is it in Spanish? 

Using Spanish here will make our lives easier. 

Me estoy acostumbrando a leer. 

I am getting used to reading. 

Él se acostumbró a levantarse temprano.  

He got used to waking up early.

Okay, now I have taught you the basics, let’s go into a quiz. 📜