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Prepara tu entrevista de trabajo en inglés

¿Tienes una entrevista de trabajo en inglés? ¡Enhorabuena! ¿Tienes muchos nervios también por cómo vas a responder a esas preguntas en inglés? Estamos contigo, vamos a ayudarte para que tengas en tu cabeza de manera ordenada una lista de vocabulario que te resultará muy útil para responder a preguntas típicas de tu entrevista de trabajo en inglés. Si es por teléfono, echa un vistazo a estas frases para hablar por teléfono en inglés.

Te recomiendo además este curso que hemos preparado con una hora de vídeo, ejemplos de respuestas, consejos y un workbook en PDF para preparar tu entrevista de trabajo en inglés.

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Frases para tu entrevista de trabajo en inglés

Llegó la hora de hablar de tí. Nuestro consejo es que antes de nada te tomes un tiempo para pensar en tus habilidades, lo que quieres conseguir y qué quieres transmitir. Una vez lo sepas, mira en la lista a continuación y quédate con lo que más te identifique. No utilizces rasgos con los que no te identifiques por muy bien que suenen. Lo mejor es ser fiel a ti mismo. Mira este vocabulario con ejemplos para responder a preguntas en tu entrevista de trabajo en inglés y practica en voz alta.

Vocabulario para hablar de experiencia y capacidades de liderazgo

Manage: As a restaurant manager, I managed inventory, staff schedules, and customer service to ensure that the restaurant ran smoothly.

Monitore: In my previous role, I monitored customer feedback to identify areas where we could improve our products and services.

Negotiated: In my previous role, I collaborated with clients to develop mutually beneficial contracts that were tailored to their needs.

Coordinate: I coordinated with the marketing team to ensure that our product launch went smoothly, from creating promotional materials to scheduling events.

Supervise: As a project manager, I supervised a team of software developers and ensured that they were on track to meet our deadlines.

Pioneer: I pioneered a new approach to employee training, which resulted in higher engagement and retention rates among our staff.

Vocabulario para hablar de la habilidad de resolución de problemas

Analyze: I analyzed the data to identify patterns and trends that could be used to improve our marketing strategy.
Devise: I devised a new approach to streamline the workflow and reduce project completion time by 20%.
Resolve: I resolved a client complaint by actively listening to their concerns and providing a satisfactory solution.
Innovate: I innovated a new inventory management system to reduce waste and increase efficiency in our supply chain.
Adapt: I adapted to changes in project scope by quickly revising the project plan to ensure timely delivery.

Vocabulario para hablar de trabajar en equipo

Collaborate: I collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure successful project completion and to improve communication between departments.
Contribute: I contributed to the team by offering my skills in areas where my colleagues needed support.
Facilitate: I facilitated team meetings to ensure everyone was on the same page and that we were moving towards our goals.
Support: I supported my team members by providing constructive feedback and helping them overcome challenges.
Encourage: I encouraged my colleagues to share their ideas and opinions during brainstorming sessions to ensure everyone had a chance to contribute.

Vocabulario para hablar de tu fiabilidad

Accessible: I make sure to keep my phone and email accessible, so that my colleagues and clients can reach me if they need to ask questions or address any issues.

Punctual: I always make sure to arrive at work on time or early, so that I am ready to start my tasks and meetings promptly.

Loyal: Despite receiving a better job offer, I decided to stay with my current employer because I feel loyal to the company and my colleagues.

Trustworthy: My colleagues and clients trust me to keep confidential information private and to follow through on my commitments.

Consistent: I strive to maintain a consistent level of quality in my work, so that my colleagues and clients know what to expect from me.

Responsible: As the team leader, I am responsible for ensuring that everyone is meeting their deadlines and that our project is progressing according to plan.

Vocabulario para demostrar tu interés y entusiasmo

Passionate: As a social worker, I am passionate about advocating for my clients and helping them overcome the challenges they face.

Eager: I am eager to take on more responsibility and contribute to the company’s growth and success.

Optimistic: Despite some setbacks, I remain optimistic about our project’s potential and am motivated to keep working towards our goals.

Invigorated: After attending a professional development conference, I feel invigorated and ready to apply what I learned to my work.

Excited: I am excited to take on this new project because it challenges me to learn new skills and work with a dynamic team.

Fascinated: As a data analyst, I am fascinated by the insights I can glean from large datasets and the impact they can have on decision-making.

Vocabulario para demostrar tu flexibilidad

Flexible: I am a flexible employee who is comfortable with change and is able to adapt to new processes and procedures.
Adaptable: I am adaptable and thrive in fast-paced environments where priorities can shift quickly.
Agile: I am agile and can quickly pivot to new tasks or projects when the business needs require it.
Versatile: I am versatile and can handle a range of tasks, from routine administrative work to high-level strategic planning.
Resourceful: I am resourceful and can find creative solutions to complex problems, even when resources are limited.

Vocabulario que demuestra iniciativa

Initiate: I initiated a project to revamp our onboarding process, which resulted in improved new hire retention rates.
Spearhead: I spearheaded a marketing campaign that resulted in a 30% increase in website traffic.
Proactive: I am proactive and always looking for ways to improve processes and procedures to better serve our clients.
Self-motivated: I am self-motivated and take initiative to seek out new challenges and opportunities for growth.
Ambitious: I am ambitious and always looking for ways to take on more responsibility and contribute to the company’s success.

Espero que estas respuestas para preguntas típicas de entrevistas de trabajo en inglés te ayuden. Si quieres practicar con un profesor particular contáctanos. ¡Suerte!

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