Using “enough”

Enough is enough! 

Too much is excess! It is more than you need. But enough is the right amount. 👌

Enough is “suficiente”, this is similar to English’s “sufficient”. 

By the way “enough is enough” is a great expression. It means “no more will be tolerated”. In Spanish “¡basta!” or “¡ya!” is a great translation.

How do I use Enough? 

Using “enough” is easy enough. Please look at this:  

Enough + noun 

Adjective +  enough 

Adverb + enough 

Verb + enough

So, enough comes before ONLY nouns.

This is a popular slogan to see at strikes and protests.


Here are some examples for each use of enough. 

Enough noun:

I have enough time. 

That is enough work for today.

Adjective +  enough 

This seat is clean enough to sit on. 

When I am hungry enough, I will eat. 

Adverb + enough 

I can’t run fast enough. 

If you walk slowly enough, you will go backwards. 

Verb + enough

I run enough for an old man. 

I’ve cooked enough to know that this is a bad roast dinner. 

You could also try writing some of your own. Get some paper and write examples of the work we have done.

Now we are ready for a test! 👨‍🏫