I have too much on my plate!

too much and too many course

I have too much information and too many problems!

Too much = demasiado

Too much is for A) uncountable nouns and B) verbs.

A) Uncountable nouns:

Uncountable nouns are usually substances or concepts. They are difficult to divide or separate. 

So, for example, here you have a small list of common uncountable nouns. 

music, art, love, happiness

advice, information, news

furniture, luggage

rice, sugar, butter, water

electricity, power, money

Now I can give you some examples:

I have too much rice. 

They listen to too much music. 

I think I have brought too much luggage 

B) Now with Verbs

When you use too with a verb it’s “too much”. 

You smoke too much. 

You run too much. 

You talk too much.

Please take note: The order is not the same.

I see too much beauty in art. (noun)

I’ve seen too much today. (verb)

Too much + noun 

Verb + Too much

You can also say “too little” for when there is a lack or a need. 

This construction is the opposite of too much! 

I have too little time. I need more. 

I have too little information to be able to help you. 

Well done for getting this far, you can never have too much patience! Now for too many. 🚴