Using “too” en inglés

Too – This is too big! I can’t carry it! 

We use “too” for many purposes, I am only going to speak about a few here. We use “too” in order to speak about an excess. Something excessive.

In Spanish: demasiado/a

We use “too” with adjectives and with adverbs. 

Adjective: He is too tall. 

Adverbs: They run too fast.

An important structure to learn is “too (adjective) to (verb)”

The ceiling is too high to touch. (The ceiling cannot be touched because it is excessively high)

Please look at these examples and notice that the excess means that the person can’t do something. In English, “too” has a logic: if something is too big, it means that you cannot do something with it or that it is in some way bad/excessive. 

Perhaps this cake will be too sweet for me.

For example, 

This food is too hot. I cannot eat it. 

His clothes are too big, I cannot wear them. 

The bag is too big to carry. 

The bed is too big, it doesn’t fit

The house is too small, we can’t live in it.

And these examples are also great!

You can never be too ready! 

You can never study too hard! 

You can never have too many friends! 

This topic is too easy! We are going to do a test and after we will go and look at too much and too many! 🚴

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