To bring up

bring up new ideas in meeting

Sam brought up lots of interesting ideas.

To bring (something) up means, “To mention”.

The most used meaning of bringing up is to mention something. We are going to have a conversation and I want to talk about something specific, I am going to find an opportunity to bring it up in the conversation.


  • When I was having lunch with my friend, he brought up the subject of guns.
  • When I was having lunch with my friend, he mentioned the subject of guns.

Also It’s separable:

  • They want to bring up this topic in the meeting
  • I want to bring this topic up in the meeting.

Another meaning of to bring up is, “to bring/ raise someone up”.


  • Your mother and your father brought you up.
  • Your mother and your father raised you up.

Also, it’s separable:

  • I want to bring up my children in a small town.
  • I want to bring my children up in a small town.

Let’s look at some other examples:

  • I hate to bring this up but we can’t move on with the project.
  • We are going to bring these points up in front of the boss and let’s see what he decides.
  • Her grandmother and her father brought her up.
  • The boss is going to bring up the subject of the employee of the month.

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