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Hello! “Tinder” is the third video of our, soon to come, Conversation and Listening course online for advanced levels.

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So, you have seen our video on Tinder and you are hungry for more information. Fantastic. Here we will give you some definitions of the difficult vocabulary with no strings attached. This is a great exercise to practice your listening for the Cambridge Advanced Exam (CAE) or the Trinity.

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Practicar tu listening en inglés para B2/C1:

Hola, bienvenidos. Entonces, ya has visto el tercer video del curso de practicar conversación y listening para niveles avanzados! Este es un buen ejercicio para practicar el listening para el examen de Cambridge Advanced o el Trinity. Si buscas un reto más, echa un vistazo a Learn English with Short Films // “Aprender inglés con cortometrajes” en Udemy. Es un curso de inglés para niveles B2.

If you have had any interesting online dating experiences, please share them with us! We would be very interested to know what happened!

Without further ado:


Advanced vocabulary from Tinder video:

Close to my heart – Something that is “close to my heart” is something special to me. 

Basketball has always been very close to my heart.

Dating – The process of going on dates. You know, buying dinner, going to the cinema, late night text conversations.

After a relationship, I hate going back to dating.

Match – A person or thing equal or similar to another. On tinder, a “match” is what you get when two people like each other.

I think that Irene is a great match for you!

Proxy – Something that substitutes something else.

During the action part of the film, a stunt double will stand in as a proxy for the famous actor.

Trend – I’m sure you’ve seen something “trending” on Twitter. A trend is something popular. (tendencia)

Trends change every day, but once in a while something sticks.

Boost – to improve/increase/raise… I suspect you have never eaten a Boost bar. If you ever go to England, do snap one up. (aumentar)

We need to find a way to boost the economy after this pandemic.

No strings attached (sex) – Perhaps you’ve seen the film of the same name. If something is “no strings attached”, it implies there is no compromise. In the context of sex, it would be sex without the complications of a relationship. We can also use this expression to talk about the lack of special conditions in a contract or offer. (sin compromiso)

I’m looking for a relationship with no strings attached.

Yes, you buy the car on credit and pay nothing for the first three years. No strings, no problems.

Smooth (in a relationship) – If a surface is smooth, it is regular and without bumps. If someone is smooth, they are good at persuading people, and perhaps good flirters. (suave) See: Smooth talker 

I struggle to be smooth with ladies when I’m nervous.

This looks like one smooth guy. 

Victimise – to make a victim of somebody. 

The government often victimises immigrants, which creates divisions in our society.

Scrutinise – to examine very closely, normally to discover new information. (escudriñar)

You might feel scrutinised by the police at airports, but they’re just doing their job.

Judge – to form an opinion on somebody based on available information. (juzgar)

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Swipe (right/left) – to move your finger across a touchscreen to activate a function. (arrastrar) For more general definitions, see here.

If you like someone on Tinder, you just need to swipe right and hope they feel the same!

Meet up – To “meet up” is normally to have a casual or informal meeting with someone. You would normally meet up with friends, or with co-workers after work. (quedar)

I met up with my friends at a bar last night.

Core – a basic or essential part of something (núcleo/centro)

The core of her problem is not being able to work alone.

Ease – the noun of easy. (facilidad)

I write with ease and the ease of writing means I write quickly.

Picky/Fussy – If you are “picky” or “fussy”, you are meticulous and you don’t accept every option. For example, you could be a “fussy-eater”, meaning you don’t like many foods. In the context of the video, if you are fussy with the opposite sex, it means you don’t just like anybody. (tiquismiquis)

My friend is so fussy when it comes to choosing a film.

I’m not fussy, I would eat anything here. 

The “ace” card – Your “ace card” in a situation is the best option you have. (un as en la manga)

When I pulled out my ace card, the argument finished.

A set of (rules) – A collection of (rules)

We need to establish a set of rules before we can live together.

Threatened – the adjective of threat (n.) and to threaten (v.). If you feel threatened, you feel like there is a possibility of danger. (amenazado)

I felt very threatened when I walked home by myself. 

Well, that’s a wrap! We have other videos to practice your listening:

Thanks for taking the time to watch our video on Tinder and for coming to our blog.

Did you know we have other videos? I would recommend our other advanced listening practice: What’s FOMO?

Be safe while dating and, of course, do it In English, Please.

By the way, no solo somos buenos profesores de inglés sino también somos buenos estudiantes de español. Si ves un fallo en nuestro articulo, abajo nos puedes dejar un comentario con la corrección y la revisamos.

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