How To Structure Emails

We all have received messages that are a mess, confusing, meandering or complicated. By adding the proper structure to your email, you will be able to eliminate the confusion.

Before looking at your email’s structure, let us first consider some of the most common mistakes made when writing a business email.

  • Your subject line has nothing to do with the content.
  • The email is way too long.
  • There is no clear message or topic.
  • Many people respond to the email with different issues, making it even more confusing.
  • There are unnecessary people copied into the email for no apparent reason.

These mistakes can lead to a confusing email that defeats the point of the message that you are trying to convey in the first place.

There are six components to structure a business email properly. This structure will help you to clearly express your ideas and improve your communication with your recipients.

The six most important components that you can use to structure your business email is:

  • The subject line
  • Greeting
  • Into/Purpose
  • Detail
  • Ask/Action
  • Closing/Sign off

Let us look at each of these components in detail.