Emails are one of the most used communication methods in the workplace. It is a quick and effective method of communication if used right. There are various reasons to write business emails, but without the written content, it would be ineffective.

Emails should be friendly, concise, clear, and have an actionable message. This course will look at how you can effectively structure your emails; we will share some of the best templates for your emails. We look at formal vs. informal emails, and then we also include some of the key phrases that you can use in your emails.

Course Structure

  1. Back To Basics
  2. How To Structure Emails
    1. The Subject Line
    1. Greeting
    1. The Intro / Purpose
    1. The Detail / Body
    1. Ask / Action
    1. Closing / Sign-Off
  3. Templates For Great Emails
  4. Formal Vs. Informal Emails
  5. Key Email Phrases

So let us jump in with a quick back-to-basics lesson!