Key Email Phrases

Commonly used subject line abbreviations.

Image Source: Sachs Marketing Group

ASAPAs Soon As Possible
RSVPRépondez S’il Vous Plaît which means please reply
ETAEstimated Time Of Arrival
FAQFrequently Asked Question
P.S.Post Script – introducing additional information, usually after a person’s signature in an email.
RRReply requested
ARAction Required
ABAction By (date)
NRRNo Reply Required
FYIFor Your Information
NWRNot Work Related (Personal Emails)
Y/NYes or Now

Phrase to use when you are initiating email contact with someone new

Very Formal

“Might I take a moment of your time…

“Please may I introduce myself…

More informal/friendly

“I am just emailing to ask…

“I am a friend of Bob…

When you have answered someone’s questions

Very formal

“I trust the above resolves your queries. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

More informal/friendly

“I know that is a lot to take in, so let me know if anything that I have said doesn’t make sense.”

In Conclusion, Use These 10 Phrases To Sound Professional In All Your Business Emails

  1. Start With a Social Greeting – Phrase 1: Hope you are well.
  2. Identify the reason for your email – Phrase 2: I am reaching out regarding….
  3. When you reply to an email – Phrase 3: Thank you for your email about ….
  4. If you need to apologize – Phrase 4: I am sorry for the late reply.
  5. If you have attached a document or file – Phrase 5: I have attached the (file) for your review. (Do remember to attach the file 🙂 )
  6. If you are requesting information – Phrase 6: I wondered if you can help me with….
  7. If someone sends you an email with information to keep you up to date – Phrase 7: Thank you for keeping me in the loop.
  8. If you need approval – Phrase 8: Please let me know if you are happy with (this); when you give the go-ahead, I will proceed.
  9. If you need to schedule a meeting – Phrase 9: I will be available (date and time). Would that work for you?
  10. Saying goodbye – Phrase 10: Kind Regards