How to write a great essay
How to write a review:
How to write a report
How to write a great Article
How to write an email or a letter
Bonus content! Checklist for every writing section:

Checklist for every writing

Well done! You have completed the whole course. Here is just a small generic list of top tips.

  • Plan you answer – this is really useful. I usually will write a short mini essay with key points I will talk about. 
  • Underline the key parts of the task – this keeps you focused.
  • Know if it is formal or informal
  • Use our structures! They are very important for high marks. 

Grammar checklist:

Try to include the following grammar elements in every writing.

  • Third conditional or second conditional
  • One inversion (not only do we need food, but we love it too) – inversions are very high level, if you can learn it, great. If it is difficult, don’t worry.
  • Connectors (however, nevertheless, moreover)
  • Two phrasal verbs (take over, think through, get by… I have a course here)
  • Use the future perfect 
  • Even if… 
  • Any modal verbs in the past (may have, might have, should have etc. )

Finally, take time to read your answer again. Check it. Maybe you have mistakes.