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Tips for writing a smashing review

How to write a great review:

Here I will give you some tips for answering the review task so that you will get higher marks.

  • Try to be direct, engaging and energetic. This is the tone.
  • Plan your response.
  • Use good adjectives suitable to the task

Good: amazing, quite good, fantastic, extremely interesting, fascinating

Bad: terrible, awful, quite bad,

Very: extremely/quite 

  • Follow the task, underlined key points. Here is an example for you:
Book reviews wanted 
Have you read a book in which the main character behaved in a surprising way?

Write us a review of the book, explaining what the main character did and why it was surprising. Tell us whether or not you would recommend this book to other people. 

The best reviews will be published in the magazine.

So, here I have underlined the tasks and below I have written them for you so it’s clear.

-Explain what the main character did

-Talk about if it was surprising

-Would you recommend it

Example keywords and phrases:

These will help you get a higher mark.  Try to use them in your writings.

  •  Overall if you like…
  • The first thing we should keep in mind about
  •  I was pleasantly surprised by…
  •  In fact…
  •  What I disliked/liked the most was…
  •  Unbelievably…
  • Nevertheless…
  • I’d recommend, I wouldn’t recommend