How to write a great essay
How to write a review:
How to write a report
How to write a great Article
How to write an email or a letter
Bonus content! Checklist for every writing section:

Tips for a fantastic report:

Tips for writing a report: 

  • Plan your answer, like in every task!
  • Make sure you underline the important parts! We have shown you this in the email and the essay. Please go back and check it out if you don’t know what I mean.
  • Use headings – reports need headings. These will be using the key parts of the task.
  • Use keywords and connectors for contrasting information.
  • Be formal – a report is always formal.
  • Don’t say “hello” or “dear”, it’s not a letter or email 
  • Balance your writing on the positive and negative
  • You can use bullet points to highlight the main points, or numbers.
  • Use our model structure! To help you write better!

Something I think many people miss is that a report tends to use the passive.