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Model review example of the Matrix

My model review: The Matrix:

So when we look at an example structure to use, we need to keep in mind the question. 

Your local newspaper wants you to write a review of a film which you have enjoyed. You should include information on the characters and what happens, and say why you enjoyed it. Write your review. 

So, we need to. 

  • Give information on the characters
  • Say what happens in the story
  • Say whether or not you enjoyed it

Is this the real world: A review of The Matrix

The first thing we should keep in mind about The Matrix is that it was profoundly philosophical and completely full of action. It’s a sci-fi movie about a future where robots have taken over the world and humans are farmed as food. The humans don’t know they are food because the world they experience is a virtual reality designed to keep them sleeping. It is a dystopian movie. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the characters, Neo, the main character is a normal person who “wakes up” in the real world and learns to control the virtual world. He later defeats the evil agents that guard the virtual world. His acting in the movie is great and he convinces us that he is not “the one”. 

What I enjoyed the most was the blend of action with philosophy and the very scary idea that maybe we are living in a virtual reality of the year 2000 but really civilization is in the year 2100 and we are all robot food. Watch with caution!

I’d recommend this movie to almost anyone because if you don’t like the action of the movie, you will certainly enjoy the scary idea that we live in the future but we are fed the past. However, if you don’t like action, sci-fi or philosophy you had better stay away and watch something else like Toy Story 2. 

Possible marks / why is this a good essay:

Again, now we will judge my writing. I must use the assessment scale. I have summarised my marks:

Content: Target reader is fully informed. All content is relevant. (5)

Communicative Achievement: uses essay conventions. Communicates complex ideas clearly. (5)

Organisation: The essay is well structured, it has a clear and ordered layout (5)

Language: Uses a range of vocabulary, some specialist vocabulary, a range of grammatical forms, almost no errors present. (4)