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Here is a model article:

Here is my model article. I am a huge fan of riding bikes. It isn’t something I do very much in Spain but it is something dear to my heart.

You see this announcement on an English-language website. 

Articles wanted The most useful thing I have ever learned. What is the most useful thing you have learned? Who did you learn it from? Why is it useful? Write us an article answering these questions. We will publish the best articles on our website. 

Write your article.  

Riding bikes: The Secret 

Did you know that anyone can ride a bike? Well you had better believe it. Yes, even without legs, you can do it! In this article I am going to share my most useful skill with you: bike riding. 

When it comes to bike riding, there really is no comparison. It’s green, it’s fast, it’s cheap and it keeps you in shape. You can’t find anything like it. If I hadn’t learnt to ride a bike, I would have spent all my money on buses 

Not only is it fast to learn but it’s fun too. I got taught how to ride a bike by many people. It was like a community effort. It took me a long time, yet everyone else seems to jump on and speed off with no trouble, I know you will have no problems! 

Something you must keep in mind is that it’s really useful, I use my bike everyday to go to work and to carry the shopping and to meet my friends. It’s an all in one machine! 

Well, summing up, the secret about bikes is that they are completely underrated by everyone! 

Possible marks / why this is a good report:

So here we are again! The assessment scale. I have tried to give my marks:

Content: Target reader is fully informed. All content is relevant. (5)

Communicative Achievement: Uses article conventions. Is very engaging and light. (5)

Organisation: The article is well structured, it has a clear and ordered layout and is easy to follow (5)

Language: Uses a range of vocabulary, some specialist vocabulary, a range of grammatical forms, no errors present. (5)